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Network World (@NetworkWorld) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Network World (@NetworkWorld). The Connected Enterprise. Network World, from @IDGWorld, is the premier provider of news, intelligence and insight for #network and #technology executives. Massachusetts, USA

IDG TECHtalk - YouTube

Join us daily for videos on the topics you’re used to reading about in Computerworld, Network World, InfoWorld, CIO and CSO, all on one channel.

The future isn't cloud. It's multi-cloud | InfoWorld

Cloud computing was supposed to simplify IT environments. Now, according to a recent study by Microsoft and 451 Research, nearly a third of organizations work with four or more cloud vendors. It would seem multi-cloud is the future of cloud computing. But what is driving this trend? Some

Review: Office 365 administration made easy | InfoWorld

A business that moves its email to a hosted solution such as Office 365 typically hopes to reduce operating and administrative costs, reduce spam, and decrease downtime. Alas, administrators who open up the Web-based GUI for Office 365 discover that several of the commonly needed administration and

Network issues are causing more data-center outages ...

Network issues are causing more data-center outages As enterprise computing environments grow more complex, IT system failures and network errors are bringing down data centers in greater numbers, causing more unplanned downtime.

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MPLS explained | Network World

The thing about MPLS is that it’s a technique, not a service — so it can deliver anything from IP VPNs to metro Ethernet. It's expensive, so with the advent of SD-WAN enterprises are trying to figure how to optimize its use vs. less expensive connections like the internet. Did you ever order

The Difference Between End of Mainstream Support and End ...

Is Microsoft trying to scare you? This week, Microsoft announced the end of mainstream support for Windows 7, Windows 2008, and Windows 2008 R2, effective January 13, 2015. Should you be worried? Ending mainstream support for a product means Microsoft will no longer be enhancing that product. What

The Three Parts of MPLS Circuit Diversity | Network World

Many organizations approach MPLS circuit diversity from a carrier diversity standpoint. Their thinking is that with separate carriers they will be safe, particularly from the dreaded "cloud meltdown". Unfortunately, this misses two important other diversity points in the circuit and puts too much

'We regret to inform you': The Epsilon breach letters you ...

"We regret to inform you ..." are five words you never want to see in an email. But over the weekend thousands of people did as Epsilon began warning its customers that it had suffered a break-in and email addresses were stolen. Epsilon now says that about 50 of its client businesses were hit-- no

8 reasons the Apple Watch is more trouble than it's worth ...

8 reasons the Apple Watch is more trouble than it's worth This hands-on review tells what it's like using an Apple Watch every day for a month, and explains why Apple's smartwatch is not worth the trouble.

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