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SmartRelief Reviews: Zaps Pain or Just Insane?

SmartRelief Reviews. 4 reviews. Category: Health & Fitness Tags: Pain Relief Url: Write a Review. About SmartRelief. Smart Relief is a battery-powered TENS therapy device the manufacturer states is designed to get rid of back pain. Smart Relief is applied to the afflicted area via an adhesive ...

SmartRelief Reviews - Is it a Scam or Legit?

Created by the makers of IcyHot and endorsed by Shaquille O’Neal, SmartRelief claims to be a safe, drug-free way to treat moderate to severe back and joint pain, as well as pain associated with arthritis and muscle strains.

Smart Relief: TENS/EMS Units for Electro Stimulation Therapy

Smart Relief is the premier manufacturer of professional-grade and FDA-cleared TENS/EMS therapy machines for use in drug-free alternative pain management. If you need assistance with lower-back pain or for muscle soreness relief, our electro therapy units may help.

Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 TENS & EMS Pulse Massager for ...

Smart Relief Ultimate 1020 is an advanced TENS & EMS neurostimulator that can be used for temporary muscle pain relief, anytime, anywhere. It is the same technology used by healthcare professionals like physical therapists & chiropractors.

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SmartRelief | TENS Therapy Pain Relief System

WHERE PROFESIONALS LEARN ABOUT SMARTRELIEF. Learn to answer the questions your patients and customers will be asking.


You’ll also get one adhesive pad (specifically designed for the back) and two batteries. The electrical unit simply snaps onto the back of the pad, then the pad is placed onto the skin over the area in pain.

SmartRelief | HOW TO USE

SmartRelief is a great solution for targeted pain relief. It doesn’t require a prescription, and you won’t have to suffer for days waiting for an appointment with your doctor.

SmartRelief | TENS TECHNOLOGY - SmartRelief

Medical professionals have relied on the safety of TENS technology for decades because of its effectiveness in relieving pain without issues from prolonged, targeted use because it can be used in combination with topical or oral drug therapies, when used as directed.


If SmartRelief can handle my jumbo-sized pains, it can handle yours. The relief feels awesome on your back. No pills to take, and no known side effects.

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