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Sport Singapore (SportSG) uses sport to create greater sporting opportunities and access, more inclusivity and integration as well as broader development of capabilities. At SportSG, we work with a vast network of public-private-people sector partners for individuals to live better through sports. | SG Press Centre - Spokes Persons

Address : 3 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397630. Tel. 6500 5000. Fax. 6440 9205.

What is the SwimSafer 2.0 Programme? - ActiveSG

NOTE: This is the only official website for SwimSafer. Other than &, any other website with the name “SwimSafer” or bearing any similarity to that name is not in any way a part of or connected to SportSG.

Coaching Accreditation & Pathway - Singapore Badminton ...

To be an accredited coach, you have to go through the National Coaching Accreditation (NCAP) courses. The NCAP is the national standard for coaching qualifications.

SG Homegrown Career Fair Series @ FASS | NUS Centre for ...

CapitaLand. Website. Headquartered and listed in Singapore, CapitaLand is one of Asia’s largest real estate companies with a global portfolio, comprising integrated developments, shopping malls, lodging, offices, homes, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and funds, worth over S$103 billion.

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SportSG | Anti Doping Singapore

CHECK DRUGS. CheckDrugs provides athletes and support personnel with information about the prohibited status of specific substances based on the current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List.

SportSG | National Registry of Coaches (NROC)

National Registry of Coaches (NROC) What is NROC. The NROC was created in 2003 to raise the standard and professionalism of sports coaching in Singapore. It serves to ensure minimum technical qualification of sport coaches, to ensure that practicing coaches continue to improve and that coaches provide a safe environment for their athletes.

Sport Singapore (SportSG)

1 Dec. In this edition, "WE ARE SINGAPORE!", you will get to see how sport brings our people together through the many exciting events such as 2018 Asian Games, 2018 World Cup, 2018 International Champions Cup and celebrate together as one nation in our yearly signature event - GetActive!

SportSG | Sports Education Programme

The Sports Education Programme (SEP) is a collaborative partnership between Sport Singapore (SportSG) and the Ministry of Education (MOE), which aims to advocate the importance of sports education, encourage sports participation in schools and increase sporting opportunities for the young. It also serves as an integrated and structured approach ...

SportSG | Singapore Sport Institute

The Singapore Sport Institute or SSI is the nation’s premier training center. SSI already provides a broad suite of athlete, performance, medical and coach support services. This section of the site outlines our offering to Singapore’s sporting finest in terms of sport science, athlete development and high performance sports.

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