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The web has 2 Domain Name Servers: ns1.kei.pl. and ns2.kei.pl.. And hosted in Poznan Poland by KEI company.

The site is ranked 955,120 in the world.

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4 tips on how to lose weight swimming • Swimmo

It is no secret that losing weight is one of the more common reasons for people to swim, run. walk or cycle recreationally. Different activities have a different impact on our waistline but there are some popular myths when it comes to losing weight while swimming. There were some coaches and personal trainers in the...

Swimmo – Smart Swim Watch, Swimming Training, Swim Lap Counter

Swimmo helps you improve performance & body shape with real time smart feedback - IntensityControl™ and PaceKeeper™. Monitor your swim. Set goals to stay on track.

Strength Training For Swimmers: What Muscles To Train ...

One way to improve your swimming is by incorporating strength training into your workouts. Hitting the weights after a swim workout will allow for maximum strength. One of the world’s best swimmers Michael Phelps made it a priority to strength train, which means we should incorporate some strength training too.

4 tips on how to swim long distance without getting tired ...

Every type of swimming challenge and goal you want to achieve has its own most common mistakes and techniques to achieve them. Very often this overarching goal is speed for those who compete. But there’s a lot of swimmers who focus on long-distance training and this requires slightly different technique. That’s why today we’re going...

Swimmo – Akıllı Yüzme Saati, Yüzme Antrenmanı, Yüzme Turu ...

Swimmo gerçek zamanlı IntensityControl™ ve PaceKeeper™akıllı bildirimleriyle performansınızı ve vücut şeklinizi iyileştirmenize yardımcı olur. Yüzmenizi izleyin. Hedeflerinizi belirleyin ve onlardan şaşmayın.

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