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Vulcan Post - Top Tech Lifestyle Site

Vulcan Post is where you find news about technology and products that affect your daily lifestyle. We aim to add a human element to technology and discuss how technology is slowly changing our daily interactions with one another.

I Was 10 When My Grandfather Touched Me "Down There". My ...

It happened when I was 10. It's not like most stories that you might have read about; there was no struggling, no screaming, no taunting or violence. It was silent—mostly because I had no idea what was going on. It didn't happen in an alleyway, or in a sleazy motel room. Not even in my own bedroom. It was in a dusty half-lit store pantry on ...

10 Online Flower Delivery Services in Kuala Lumpur and ...

Editor’s Note: We’ve done an update for this piece, and you can find our article on highly-rate online flower deliveries in 2019 here. Flowers never go out of style, so no matter the reason or the season, there’s always a beautiful bouquet for any occasion. Thank goodness Malaysia’s flower

6 Competitors To Grab In Malaysia, Like MyCar, Mula, JomRides

When the news broke that Grab has acquired Uber in Malaysia, many of us thought the same thing: monopoly. The general perception was that the competition between Uber and Grab has helped keep prices low for Malaysians. Now that one of Grab’s biggest competitors has joined them to form a mega-ride

HP Axes Up To 9,000 Jobs, Restructuring Expected To Save US$1B

These job reductions are predicted to help the company save US$1 billion (S$1.38 billion) by the end of fiscal 2022. “The bulk of the savings will be in corporate functions, back-office support, and feet-on-the-street salespeople,” said CFO Steve Fieler in an interview.

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