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Whirlpool Forums

Local time 7:59 AM aedt 28 October 2019 Membership 852,122 registered members 10,237 visited in past 24 hrs 668 members online now 851 guests visiting now

Whirlpool Broadband News

23 Oct 2019 Wednesday round-up NBN Co now insists $200m not cut from wireless budget iTNews. NBN Co has backtracked on its own claim that it redirected $200 million in capital expenditure from fixed wireless to other parts of the build, now saying the money will still be spent on wireless upgrades.

Scam NBN calls from “Nicole” - “NBN”

Hi all. So I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of the robo call from “Nicole” from NBN about our pending disconnection that’s doing the rounds. While I can find h

Calling 13/1300 numbers from overseas - Telecomms

Shimara writes... Correct it will not work. I've seen one or two numbers where the 13 number is setup to be diallable from overseas (this is up to the lessee of the 13/1300 number these days, since they have to absorb a fair chunk of the call cost).

Australian Mobile Network Frequencies - Whirlpool.net.au

Australian Mobile Network Frequencies. There are many different mobile phone frequencies in operation in Australia and around the world. This entry aims to clear up any misunderstandings you may have as to the frequencies your phone requires to work correctly on your carrier.

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